24/7 Prayer Week

Sign Up for 24/7 Prayer Week

We hope that our faith family will be praying every hour of the day between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. By signing up, you are committing to stop and pray at some point during that hour. Some of you may choose to pray for the entire hour while others may choose to take a few moments during a lunch break or before waking the kids up for school.

Follow these simple steps to sign up for 24/7 Prayer Week:
  1. Enter your name and email address.
  2. Scroll to select an hour time slot that works for you and click “Sign Up”. Please note: multiple people can sign up for the same time. 
  3. Set a reminder on your phone for the time you selected.
Thank you for committing to pray for God to do a work this Easter at Radiant and in our community. To God be all of the glory!