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Since day one at our church, small groups are the primary source of care, prayer, encouragement, discipleship and relationships. We’re not just a church with small groups, we’re a church of small groups. Together, we will continue to fulfill our mission to glorify God and make disciples. Welcome to Radiant Groups

Spring 2021: Sermon Series Study Raised Through Adversity

In many ways, David was an extraordinary man. As the youngest of eight brothers, he was intelligent, strong, handsome and charismatic. Though he was overlooked by his own father, David was anointed to be the king over Israel. From protecting a small flock of sheep to ruling the kingdom, David’s life drastically changed as God brought him out of the grassy field to lead the nation of Israel.

David is one of the most fascinating men to ever live. He displayed many talents as a gifted musician, inspired poet, courageous warrior and determined leader. He was also a loyal friend and skilled administrator. Yet, David was far from perfect.

When you encounter the life of David, you meet a man who lived through trials and tears. Though David was a national hero and Israel’s greatest king, his personal life was rocked by chaos, destructive passions and tragedy. He was unfaithful as a husband and had many regrets as a father. After years of battle and a sinister plot of murder, so much blood was on David’s hands that God did not allow him to build the holy temple. Throughout his life he endured dysfunction, loneliness and despair. Yet, during these dark moments, David remained faithful to God.

David is the only person in Scripture called “a man after God’s own heart”. In the pages of the New Testament, he is mentioned more than anyone from the Old Testament. We can learn a lot from David and Scripture isn’t afraid to show us his sin. In many ways, David lived a troubled life, yet his passion for God did not waiver. David’s life offers hope to all of us. It shows how devotion doesn’t mean perfection. It demonstrates the steadfast love of God in the midst of our weakness and failure.

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