David & Jonnie Perry God@Work

We give glory to God when we tell of His great work, and we praise Him for the work He is doing in our faith family!

In this God@Work story, we want to praise the Lord for the work He has done and continues to do in the lives of David & Jonnie Perry, who serve as Ushers and in Meet Radiant.

After retiring from almost 30 years of pastoring churches across the country, David Perry and his wife, Jonnie desired to attend a local church in Avon.

“The first service we attended at Radiant in March 2017 was filled with Christ-honoring worship and Bible centered preaching,” David said. “On the way home, we knew without a doubt that the Lord was at work, providing this church to be our new church home and our new faith family.”

“It was quite a challenge after retiring to have so much time available, so when we were asked to help usher in 2020, we accepted wholeheartedly,” shared Jonnie. “We were so filled with joy that we wanted to share that joy with those who came through the doors each week, greeting them with a warm welcome.”

The opportunity to serve as ushers and also help with Meet Radiant is so rewarding to them. David and Jonnie enjoy seeing God at work in lives and smiles on faces of those they greet and get to know.

“We know some have just experienced hard and difficult weeks, some are lonely, some have smiles and seem joyful while some have very little expression at all. Our hope is that in a small way, our joy-filled welcome will help prepare their hearts to be renewed, uplifted and refreshed as they worship and are touched by the Word.”

Each time they greet our faith family, they are filled with joy and blessings. They love serving in this way. Serving in these capacities has also given them an opportunity to meet other people and make new friends when people are becoming acquainted with Radiant.

“It is wonderful to see and hear the faith journeys of many of the people we have met in Meet Radiant and see how God has moved and is moving in their hearts and lives,” continued Jonnie. “This gives us encouragement and joy as we continue our individual faith journeys, as well. We see this as God at work.”

“We thank the Lord often for all of our past years of ministry service,” David shared. “And we are thankful for this season of our lives where He has refreshed and renewed us and placed us in a Jesus-honoring and exalting faith family.”