Culture of Generosity

God loves a cheerful giver. Generosity is part of who we are in Christ. We recognize that the things of this earth will never truly satisfy. We recognize that everything we have has been graciously given to us. We recognize that we are owners of nothing and stewards of everything. And so, we give. We give to demonstrate that Jesus is a far superior treasure to anything this world could offer. We give because we have received so much in Christ. We give because we love others. We give because we have faith that God will continue to provide. We give because it flows from redeemed hearts. Giving is an act of worship.

Give Online

Ways To Give

On The Weekend

Place your cash or check in the baskets provided at the back of the Worship Center.


This is a simple and easy way to safely give a one-time donation or set up an automatic recurring donation.

Give Online

From Your Bank

If you prefer writing checks, but frequently forget to bring a check to church, you can also contact your bank and request automatic payment be mailed directly from your account and sent to: 420 Gable Crossing Drive, Avon, IN 46123.

Non-Cash Giving

Stocks, bond and mutual funds can be given as well! Contact [email protected] for more details on this process.


Our desire is to be above reproach with every dollar received and every dollar spent. Our elders and staff steward finances through an extensive budgeting process, financial transparency, regulatory compliance and an annual financial compilation by an external company.


Frequently Asked Questions