Lauren Wolfe God@Work

We give glory to God when we tell of His great work, and we praise Him for the work He is doing in our faith family!

In this God@Work story, we want to praise the Lord for the work He has done and continues to do in the life of Lauren Wolfe, who has served in Radiant Kids over the last 14 years.

Lauren has been serving in Radiant Kids since the launch team in 2008 when she was a teenager in student ministries. “I chose to work in Radiant Kids because God has drawn me to kids and I thought this would be a practical way to use my skills, talents and interests to serve the church,” Lauren said.

Throughout the years, Lauren has worked with all different ages and grades. Most recently, she has been serving as a Radiant Kids Worship Leader and working with our 4th & 5th graders. “This age is such a critical time as they start grasping the deep questions of life and understanding who God is and what it means to have a relationship with Him.” Lauren loves seeing the kids grow and pointing them to driving the stake in the ground by having a relationship with Jesus.

“We are told to live as an example after Christ, loving His family, especially His children. Serving in Radiant Kids is one way I can do that.”

Lauren has been able to use aspects of her personal life as teaching moments in Radiant Kids. On a Sunday where we had spontaneous baptisms, she was pulled from the classroom and told she was needed in the Worship Center. “My coworker who I had invited to church months earlier wanted me to be there for her baptism. I was able to stand next to her and watch her be baptized,” Lauren said. After the baptism, Lauren went back to her Radiant Kids classroom and explained to the class what it meant to pour into friends, family and the community, as well as the importance of baptism. “It was an unexpected lesson for the day, but it was so cool to have an example to share with the class.”

On top of serving weekly in Radiant Kids, Lauren takes a week of vacation from her job each year to serve at High Five. “Not only is it a blast with all of the fun summer-like activities and creative electives, but it’s also a time to see our kids growing spiritually, worshiping God together and truly getting to love and form relationships,” Lauren shared. It is her favorite week of the entire year.

Something else Lauren enjoys about serving at High Five is the opportunity to serve alongside students from Radiant students. She enjoys seeing students who she taught through Radiant Kids spend a week of their summer pouring into those younger than them. “It is so cool to see God working through them,” she expressed.

Lauren loves seeing our Radiant Kids dive deeper into God’s Word.

“The kids teach me so much more than I teach them,” Lauren said. “I learn something from them every Sunday. Their desire to learn more about God’s Word encourages me to dig deeper and be prepared to answer deep questions.”