This Is What God Has Done: Wolfe Family

God is faithful! As we celebrate 10 years of what God has done at our church, we will be featuring God At Work testimonies from members of our core team who have seen all that the Lord has done. Psalm 115:1, “Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!”

10 Years

Our family started praying for Harvest long before it began. We were living in Kansas and were part of a church plant that was being used by the Lord in great ways. While in Kansas, we had a visit from a dear friend, Larry Woods, who stopped in to see us while on a business trip. He told us to pray about something, but couldn’t really tell us what it was. God chose to move us back to the area and we struggled finding where He wanted us to serve. 

How God Has Been At Work In The Wolfe Family

We were leery to get involved with Harvest because we had children at vulnerable ages. Our daughter was starting her freshman year of High School and our son was in the 7th grade. There were very few teens on the launch team and our kids had just moved back from an active Student Ministry program. After a lot of prayer and a meet-and-greet with Larry and Pastor Doug at Starbucks, we felt as though God was putting us right where He wanted us. We joined at the tail end of the Launch Team and haven’t looked back. God knew right where He needed us to be.  Our children witnessed first-hand what a Big God can do when His people have the right vertical worship. We have seen God take a group of people from various stages and relationships and create unity as they Worship, Walk, and Work together. 

While at Harvest, we have had the wonderful opportunity of serving together as a family from the very first day. We all put on our blue shirts that first Sunday and had the privilege of greeting individuals as they walked in the front door. We have learned to make serving a priority and that it is not about us, but for the glory of God. Not only is it a blessing to have our family serve together, but also on any given Sunday we see many other families serving together. It is wonderful seeing families of all sizes and stages in life, older and newer to Harvest, love their church and serve in many different areas. We have seen parents teach their children at a young age the importance of serving one another, not just on a Sunday morning, but in all aspects of life.

This Is What God Has Done

The worship and teaching under Pastor Doug and Nick has strengthened our faith and guided us through some rough family tragedies. The Carlsons and The Podors poured into our children during Student Ministries, pointing them to stronger faith in Christ. Over the last ten years, we’ve watched God mature and use our two children, now adults, for his glory. Lauren is a nurse at IU West and has served on countless missions trips, but her favorite is serving in Harvest Kids Ministry. Jared, after being mentored by Pastor Nick, went on to study worship and is now serving as a Worship Director at Harvest Tampa Bay.  We have been able to see a Big God use Harvest Indy West as a sending-base place, as the Lord has sent our family to serve in different locations for the spread of the gospel!