God@Work at High Five

We give glory to God when we tell of His great work, and we praise Him for the work He is doing in our faith family!

In this God@Work story, we want to praise the Lord for the work He has done and continues to do at High Five and in our Radiant Kids.

The days are getting longer, the weather’s getting warmer and we are counting down the days to High Five 2023! The much anticipated “best 5 days of summer” are just around the corner and the kids are buzzing with excitement for all of the fun to come. But they are not the only ones.

All of this excitement would not be possible without our volunteers. This year, over two hundred people from our faith family have volunteered to make this event possible. We are so grateful for all they do to help with High Five!

High Five is structured to give children a wide range of options of engaging electives, which allows them to experience hands-on fun and sometimes new activities each day. Merwyn and Amber Miranda have served at High Five for three years. Merwyn has always used sports to be involved in the lives of his children, nephews and nieces. “I love helping kids develop through sports at a young age to help them acquire skills that they may use as they get older. I am grateful that God gave me the opportunity to serve in this way. Each year, I choose an activity/sport that I enjoy sharing with the kids at High Five.”

High Five is also an encouragement to our volunteers who get to see God at work in the lives of the kids who attend. “I know how much these kids look forward to going to High Five to start off their summer,” said Merwyn, “and I’m always amazed that God truly has His hand in this.”

High Five is intentionally set up to point kids to Jesus and teach them more about Him. Engaging teaching and experiential electives meets kids where they are at and shows them the love of Jesus. “Knowing that there may be a few new kids attending High Five and it could be their first time hearing about God is the reason why I volunteer every year. What an awesome way for us to serve and have a chance to share His Word and talk about Him through the teachings, playing sports, crafts and fun activities.”

High Five allows Amber to share her love of Christ with kids. “High Five provides me with a unique way to plan fun, interactive, hands-on activities for the children in our church and community while being able to share the love that Jesus has for them.”

God is at work in High Five, and our volunteers get to witness Him moving in the lives of these kids. “God shows up in so many different ways during High Five,” Amber shared. “One way I see Him year after year that has a lasting impact is through the worship. The energy and truths that are shared through the worship songs leaves a lasting impact on the children and teachers as well. I hear the songs continued to be sung in the electives and lunch and beyond. My niece still asks for me to play some of the songs from last year.”

We are so thankful for our volunteers. Each volunteer is valuable and has something to contribute. Your presence alone makes a huge difference in the lives of our kids and your example of service and joy is an encouragement and huge help.

We can always use volunteers at Radiant! If you are interested in serving in Radiant Kids or other serving opportunities, learn more here.