From the Heart of a Kids Ministry Director

Take a moment and enjoy this blog “From the Heart of a Kids Ministry Director” as Melia Leichty, Radiant Kids Director, shares her thoughts on this unique season of quarantine and family time. 

The Gift of Time

What an interesting, unprecedented time in which we find ourselves. Our youngest child, Cam, is a senior and I’m seeing this extra time with him before he finishes high school as a gift. Don’t get me wrong—I’d LOVE for him to be able to play on the golf team, attend prom and all the other fun things that being a senior in high school brings. However, we’ve suddenly been given the gift of time. A time where we aren’t rushing from one activity to another. Instead, a time together in the form of social distancing and quarantining.

New Normal

While we are just beginning this “new normal”, it’s brought some really fun experiences. Conversations are occurring that aren’t rushed, but happen organically. We are taking time to make fun, new recipes like “Chick-fil-A Mac and Cheese”. (Watch out Chris Tincher and Mike Call—I may have figured it out!) We’ve upped the stakes on family game time and declared that the “loser” has to do dishes. Making food together and enjoying family game time—these are gifts! (Especially since I wasn’t the one doing the dishes!) I’m seeing a TON of resources for free virtual field trips, fun YouTube videos to pick up new hobbies and more. I encourage you to try something new and out of the box for your family during this time.

The “new normal” has also brought challenges. We live pretty far out in the country, which means that when we are all e-learning and working from home, we often kick each other off the WiFi. When you are feeling overwhelmed by e-learning, take a break and have a dance party, go outside or have snack time. Teachers have this luxury in their classroom and so should you. 

Some of you may be experiencing bigger challenges than loss of WiFi or frazzled parenting. Some are losing work, not able to work from home, scrambling for childcare, unsure how to feed your family, becoming ill and more. If you are in need of assistance, please let us know! If you need assistance, please fill out this form

BE The Church

In this time where we can’t gather together AT the church building, I’d encourage us to BE the church together. Reach out to the elderly people in your life, whether they be family members, neighbors or church friends. Have a kid with way too much energy offer to clean a neighbor’s flowerbeds! Brownsburg Meadows said the best way to encourage their residents is for kids to make cards. Not only is visitation restricted, but every patient’s food is served on trays in their rooms since the dining rooms are closed. Their residents are the most vulnerable and yet the most cut off. Let’s shower them with encouragement!

Here is my first challenge in a series of challenges to our Radiant Kids:

Based off of 1 Thessalonians 5:17– encourage one another and build each other up. If you’d like to be an encouragement to the residents of our local nursing homes, you can make cards or white paper placemats and have your kids decorate them with their drawings and bible verses. With Indiana’s new stay-at-home order, please mail your cards and placemats to the long-term facility of your choice. Click here to purchase white paper placemats.

I encourage you to participate as a family in the Radiant Bible Church online worship services at 9AM or 11AM on Sunday mornings. While I am obviously a HUGE fan of kid’s ministry, there is something very unique in this special time to worship together as a family unit. Looking for more ways to engage your kids? Check out our online resources page for Radiant Kids. 

Time With God

Finally, in this unknown time, allow yourself to enjoy time with God away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. Hanging on my wall is a plaque that says, “Let us be silent that we may hear the whisper of God.” He speaks to us in His Word and what a wonderful time to further grow in our desire and pursuit of studying the Bible. 

Families, you are not alone in your quarantine! Need a break? Have your kids Facetime me and I will gladly read them a book. Love your neighbors. Make cards for local nursing homes and mail them. Take time to be quiet and listen to God. Consider the next few weeks as a gift of time and compete with all you have during family game time… so you don’t have to do the dishes!