Core 24

Core 24

Welcome to Core 24!

Core 24 is an intentional approach to Scripture memory that highlights one verse per month over the course of two years, encouraging kids to hide God’s Word in their hearts. This resource is designed to help Radiant Kids (and their families) with Scripture memory. The goal is that by the time kids leave Radiant Kids for Radiant Students, these 24 verses are embedded into their memory.

Radiant Bible Church is BIG about the Bible and we believe that God uses His Word to change lives. And we want our kids to experience God’s life-changing work through His Word.

Core 24 Playlist

Each Core 24 verse has a catchy song with motions that helps kids learn the Scripture during Radiant Kids on Sunday mornings. Check out the playlist below. We encourage you as a family to learn the song that goes along with each Core 24 verse.