This Is What God Has Done: Murray Family

God is faithful! As we celebrate 10 years of what God has done at our church, we will be featuring God At Work testimonies from members of our core team who have seen all that the Lord has done. Psalm 115:1, “Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!”

10 Years

Jami and I have been so blessed over the last 10 years since Harvest Indy West launched. Reflecting back to see what God has done actually means we go back 11 years to when we first meet with around 10–12 families. Our son, Colby, was 5 and our daughter, Katlyn, was 3 (Wow!). As a family, we were searching for a church like Harvest, yet it seemed like a foreign concept. From the earliest meetings as a launch team, we prayed for 5 “P”s – Place to Worship, People to Minister To, Partners to Join the Work, Presence of God, and Pastors. Every night at dinner we prayed together, each family member praying to the Lord. We prayed, we trusted, and we watched as God worked.

5 “P”s

Place to Worship

Mondays we prayed for a place. God gave us the theater, and we were blown away, yet he had a better place for us down the road. Big God! God worked and He far exceeded our expectations.

People to Minister To

Tuesdays we prayed for people. Slowly but surely, people came and we were blown away. Over the years, God has continued to gather more and more people at Harvest to glorify His great name.

Partners to Join the Work

Wednesdays we prayed for partners. The launch team served in various areas each Sunday, which meant we were unable to attend the service. God brought workers and soon we had a rotation and were able to start attending. But God had more. We now have 100’s of volunteers serving each Sunday. Glory to God for a church family that serves one another each week!

Presence of God

Thursdays we prayed to see the presence and power of God. We have seen this all over Harvest. We have witnessed it through preaching, with the people, and through small group. God has shown himself in so many ways. I (we) stand in awe.


Fridays we prayed for a pastor. We were so excited when God answered our prayers by bringing Pastor Nick and Pastor Doug to Harvest. But God wasn’t done. He had so much more then we could have dreamed. Now we have 8 pastors and 4 elders.

How God Has Been At Work In The Murray Family

As our family had prayed for these things, we have seen God answer them and answer each one bigger than what we were asking for. During the last 10 years, our family has grown in ways that we could have never imagined. We have sat under incredible teaching and preaching from our pastors. Our kids have grown up in a church where it’s normal to say YOU ARE LOVED.  They are in small groups where they are held accountable by leaders and friends. Jami and I have been able to serve in many different areas of ministry and that is where we have gotten to know many of you. We have led small groups since the beginning and believe me, we never thought we could be small group leaders! We have adventured on mission trips and become very passionate for global missions and international ministry trips. 

10 years. Wow, God has shown himself bigger then we could have imagined. As we look ahead to these next 10 years, the Murray family will continue to pray for more.

This Is What God Has Done

God has done an amazing work in our family over the last 10 years while being with the faith family at Harvest Indy West – where Worship, Walk, and Work is lived out. Together our family is able to serve with joy and out of this, many people at Harvest have become so dear to us. Just like 1 Thessalonians 2:8, we have not only shared the gospel together, but our lives as well because you all have become so dear to us.