Vertical Church Kyiv Updates

3/24/2022 (Update from GCC)

Pastor Alex Tarasov has decided to stay in Kyiv with his family. He continues to lead online Sunday services and prayer meetings with his church. As of this writing, Alex still has power/internet and food, although supplies are increasingly difficult to obtain. We’ve been able to use our GCC Ukraine Emergency Fund to provide food, housing, and transportation assistance to Alex and his church members, many of whom have had to leave their homes and/or have lost their jobs. An edited summary of my recent conversation with him is below.

Alex, what has brought you the most comfort during the war and its uncertain outcome? 

It has been the opportunity to serve and see how God is using me/us during this time. For example, we can freely share the gospel and ask how we can help our neighbors. Twenty miles from us the streets are destroyed. When you put your faith in God and understand [He is in control], you can continually help others not only survive, but you can find meaning for your life and comfort [in suffering].  

What do you want others to know about your situation (perhaps that which we don’t hear about in the news)? 

Of course, we want to live in peace. From God’s perspective, it is possible. God can stop this war in one moment. He can do a miracle and stop it. Even if we or the U.S can’t (or won’t) “close the sky,” God can. It is not too difficult for God. [Ukrainians] ask us every day through our Facebook page, “Please give us information about God.” God can use this very dark situation for His glory. 

Please share with us what things you are praying for (how you are praying) in order that we may join you in prayer? 

I pray for protection for my family. I pray for each of us in the church to faithfully steward our resources (time and finances), not only thinking about ourselves but those around us. How can we serve them and share the gospel with them? I pray for our hearts, that the peace of God would cover our hearts and we would share the light in our hearts with others. 

Anything else you want to say or express? 

Yes, thank you to all who have given to help us. We feel your support in giving (what we can see with our own hands) and your support in prayer (what we hear with our ears). Thank you!


Please continue praying for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and at Vertical Church Kyiv. Pastor Alex gave an update on March 1 that most of their church family was remaining in Ukraine, but leaving for other regions of the country to get out of Kyiv.

“It is difficult for us to describe all the pain we experience. But we know that God’s heart aches much more. We pray for peace. And for the opportunity to serve even during the war,” Pastor Alex said.

Here are some specific things to be praying:

• For conflict to end immediately – for peace

• For spared lives of Ukrainians and Russians

• Wisdom for leaders of all countries around the world as they consider a response to the Russian invasion

• For the local Church to spread the gospel and love like Jesus in the midst of this war

• For the global Church to support in whatever way they can (wisdom, support, prayer, finances, care)

If you would like to give financially, the GCC (Great Commission Collective) has set up a “Ukraine Emergency Fund” to help with immediate relief in Ukraine with Pastor Alex, and refugee ministries conducted by GCC churches at the border, in Romania and Moldova. You can give online at and select “Ukraine Emergency Fund” in the drop down.