Summer Home Hangouts

Jun 02 - Jul 26

05:00 pm

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Over the summer, several of our leaders are opening up their homes for people from Radiant to connect through Summer Home Hangouts. We value relationships here at Radiant. We hope these hangouts provide an opportunity for us to spend time connecting and growing in relationship as a faith family.

June Home Hangouts:
6/2, 7–9PM: Hans & Karen Stonehouse (ages 18+)
6/8, 5–7PM: Larry & Denise Woods (all ages)
6/15, 5–7PM: Ron & Chrissy Petersen (all ages)
6/19, 6:30–9PM: Orv & Bonnie Geick (ages 18+)
6/21, 6:30–8:30PM: Nate & Amy Schmidt (all ages)

July Home Hangouts:
7/1, 10AM: Marland & Tanya Villanueva (ages 18+)
7/6, 6PM: Marland & Tanya Villanueva (College-age)
7/22, 7–9PM: Jim & Kristen Milharcic (ages 18+)
7/25, 5:30–8:30PM: Rob & Shae Lawson (all ages)
7/26, 6:30–9:30PM Wayne & Melia Leichty (ages 18+)