Expectations for Leaders

Expectations for Leaders

As you serve as a Small Group Leader at Radiant, knowing your role will help you manage expectations and evaluate how you are doing. We want to be intentional in everything we do. The reason Small Group Leaders are prone to take on too much is typically because they don’t know what is expected of them. Leading a small group should not be a burden.

This is why it’s important to set boundaries, so you don’t become discouraged or burnt out. Knowing what you’re called to do will help you say “no” if something becomes too much. It’s easy to be pulled in different directions and lose sight of what you are called to do. We want every Small Group Leader to know their role and what’s expected. As a leader, we want to help you manage expectations so you can serve faithfully and effectively.


While you are not responsible for meeting every need, you are typically the first person who is aware of what’s going on in your group. As you monitor the spiritual pulse and physical needs of your group, we want you to be ready to encourage your small group to respond in appropriate ways.


You are not a teacher. You’re a facilitator. Your job is to ask questions, model mutual ministry and lead your group to spiritual maturity. From discussion to sharing ministry opportunities, your role is to engage your group members in ministry to one another. This is vital to discipleship.


We expect you to partner with your coach by informing up, sharing prayer requests, letting leadership know how your group is doing and tracking attendance. If something beyond your experience surfaces, reach out to your coach for guidance and help.


To help you grow as a Small Group Leader, we provide resources and regular training opportunities to strengthen and encourage you. From email communication and training at church to connecting with your Small Group Coach, we expect you to make all training opportunities a priority.