Leader Resources

Leader Resources

God is Building His Church

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and build something strong and beautiful? Something living and eternal. Something that will make a difference. Are you ready to make disicples?
Leader Resources

Welcome to Small Groups

The goal of this blueprint is to provide a clear vision and direction for Radiant Groups so that you know what we are building and how everything fits together.

If you’re a new leader or have been leading groups for many years, the Small Group Blueprint has everything you need to be an effective leader and lead a healthy small group.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Leaders

  • How do I become a leader? 
    New leaders are typically selected on the recommendation of their existing Small Group Leader along with the input of Coaches, Pastors and Elders. Rather than focusing on specific strengths or ministry experience, we are most concerned with a leader’s heart. We want spiritually healthy men and women who are committed to small groups.
  • Can I change my group’s schedule?
    Yes! As a leader, you can adjust your schedule to the dates that work best for your small group. However we would like for you to meet with your group three times a month to build momentum and take one week off as a rhythm of rest.
  • Can I choose my own study?
    We often provide a church-wide study so all of our groups are moving in a similar direction. Some semesters, we offer options for leaders to choose from a variety of recommended resources. If you have a particular study that you want to do, please contact Pastor Eric.
  • How should I care for my group?
    While you are not responsible for meeting every need, you are typically the first person who is aware of what’s going on in your group. As you monitor the spiritual pulse and physical needs of your group, we want you to be ready to encourage your small group to respond in appropriate ways.
  • How should I communicate with my coach?
    We expect you to partner with your coach by informing up, sharing prayer requests, letting leadership know how your group is doing and tracking attendance. If something beyond your experience surfaces, reach out to your coach for guidance and help.
  • Where can I find help if something comes up? 
    We encourage you to partner with other Small Group Leaders, Coaches, Pastors or reach out to the Soul Care ministry. Together, we have the same mission and serve the same people.
  • What kind of training is provided for leaders? 
    To help you grow as a Small Group Leader, we provide resources and regular training opportunities to strengthen and encourage you. From email communication and training at church to connecting with your Small Group Coach, we expect you to make all training opportunities a priority.