Radiant Groups Study Resources

Radiant Groups Study Resources

Fall Semester 2023

We want to encourage you to dig deeper into the Gospel of John over these coming weeks in Radiant Groups. Use the discussion questions below to help enrich and deepen your time in the Word.

August 2023 Discussion Questions

  • Week 1: John 1:19–51
    1. Unlike other religions, baptism is distinctly Christian and originates with John the Baptist. Why do you think baptism is an important expression and part of the Christian faith?
    2. What is your experience or story when it comes to baptism? For additional verses about baptism see Acts 2:36–41 and Romans 6:1–11.
    3. Like the two disciples of John the Baptist who followed Jesus, what are you seeking? What do you want from Jesus?
    4. Personal stories and testimonies are powerful. How do you feel known or seen by Jesus?
  • Week 2: John 2:1–25
    1. When confronted by the Jewish leaders about destroying the temple, Jesus was grossly misunderstood, and it took three years plus the resurrection before the disciples understood His teaching. How can you believe in Jesus when things don’t make sense?
    2. Knowing that He would be abandoned, betrayed and hated to the point of death, Jesus didn’t entrust himself to the crowds – even though many looked to Him as a celebrity. What dwells in our hearts that make it difficult to trust other people?

September 2023 Discussion Questions

  • Week 3: John 3:1–21
    1. Nicodemus had complete certainty about his standing before God, until he met Jesus who challenged his faith. How would you explain what it means to be “born again”?
    2. More than outward obedience or external performance, Jesus cares about your heart. Give an example for how your heart has changed as a result of God working in your life.
    3. John 3:16 is the most recognizable verse in the Bible. How does the context of this passage help you understand the meaning and application of this verse?
  • Week 4: John 3:22–36
    1. Based on the example of John the Baptist, what is the purpose and goal of ministry?
    2. Why were John’s disciples frustrated and complaining when they saw people going to Jesus rather than John the Baptist? How did John respond?
    3. John the Baptist summarizes the impact that Jesus should have on your life by saying, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” What does this look like in your life?
    4. How do you see the Trinity represented in this passage, especially in verses 34–36?
  • Week 5: John 4:1–45
    1. As a Jewish man, Jesus went to a place He wasn’t supposed to go and talked with a woman He wasn’t supposed to associate with. How has God pushed you out of your comfort zone to come alongside people who are unlike you?
    2. After encountering Jesus, the Samaritan woman wasn’t afraid to expose her past or become the talk of the town. How does forgiveness and new life in Christ release you from shame and embarrassment of past mistakes?
    3. What does the conversation with the woman at the well teach us about Jesus? How are we called to interact with those who are ready for gospel conversations?
    4. One of the challenges in this sermon series is to pray for gospel opportunities and ask God to bring someone into your life with whom you can share the hope of salvation. Spend time praying for opportunities and people who you don’t know and ask God to give you eyes to see those who are ready to receive the gospel.

Prefer a PDF document to work through this month’s Discussion Questions? Click here for September questions.


At the beginning of our “LIFE” sermon series, Pastor Nate challenged our faith family to three things: 1. Be present 2. Dig in and 3. Pray. As a church of small groups, we want to embrace these challenges in our small groups as well.

Be Present

As much as possible, make Sunday worship and small group a top priority. If you miss a Sunday, be sure your watch or listen to the sermon. If there is a week that you cannot attend small group, be sure you let your leader know in advance.

Dig In

As you gather around God’s Word, come prepared and be ready to participate. Use the Radiant Groups Study Guide to take notes on the passage, answer the weekly discussion questions and write down sermon notes. If you tend to be quiet, try to speak up and contribute during each group discussion time. If you are more of a talker, allow others the opportunity to share and participate in the group.


Who is someone in your sphere of influence who doesn’t know Jesus? Pray for Gospel opportunities and ask God to bring new people into your life and help you point others to Jesus this year.