How to Lead a Quality Breakout

How to Lead a Quality Breakout

In small group breakout, men gather with men and women gather with women for accountability and prayer. It’s a place to be known, accepted and have opportunities to minister to one another.

Breakout isn’t a support group or social club. It’s a place to pour yourself into the lives of others and look for ways to contribute to the group and walk alongside one another. Deep relationships and discipleship happen during breakout.


How do I prepare as a leader?

The purpose of breakout is to set up the rest of the week as you look ahead and anticipate God working in the lives of your small group. The biggest reason breakout falls flat is when groups are focused on the past and rehash what’s already happened. The problem with this is you can’t change the past. Going around and sharing about your week isn’t enough. Rarely does this build momentum or lead to change.

Breakout should look ahead and anticipate what is coming up. These conversations have the potential to affect change as group members can proactively support and pray for one another. This shift in your conversation will empower mutual ministry and help group members stay connected throughout the week. If your group is struggling with accountability, focus on what’s coming up instead of what’s already happened.

What questions should I ask?

  • What’s coming up this week?
  • As a group, how can we pray for you?
  • How can we support you or follow up with you this week?

As a leader, it’s your job to model authenticity and discern the needs of the group. Don’t feel pressure to provide each person an equal amount of time. It’s okay to spend more time with one person when you sense God is working in their life. Also, don’t be afraid to seek clarification and follow up with questions. Don’t leave things unclear. People often hide behind fuzzy generalities. Ask hard questions and push the discussion deeper. If your small group doesn’t have the courage to challenge each other to grow spiritually, who will?

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