Leadership Values


At Radiant, our approach to small groups is to structure this ministry for growth not control. This means we want to see your gifts, passions and personality show up in your small group. We trust your leadership and we’re not going to micromanage how you lead your small group. We want you to put your fingerprints on your small group and meet people where they are at as each group has its own set of dynamics. This means we give you the authority to make your small group your own under the guidance and direction of church leadership. Together we have the same mission, serve the same people and we want to share the same values.  


One temptation is to allow the busyness and activity of ministry to replace your abiding relationship with Christ. First and foremost, we want your “Worship of Christ” to drive your “Walk with Christ”, which overflows into your “Work for Christ”. Serving, leading and doing ministry doesn’t replace your relationships with the Lod. We want you to lead your small group out of your own walk with Christ.


Though God can instantly transform lives, break addictions and make all things new, the pattern we typically see in Scripture is that God works over extended periods of time. Both discipleship and relationships take time. It is critical that you remain patient and keep your eyes on the long view of ministry so you do not become discouraged or burnout.


We want every Small Group Leader to look for ways to facilitate mutual ministry in their small group. This includes: hosting, praying, bringing food, leading breakout, facilitating the discussion, planning a social event, organizing a service opportunity and ultimately multiplying your group. Your small group should not fall only on your shoulders. Be intentional in looking for  ways to push ministry out and involve your small group members as much as possible. 


Leadership can be lonely, but you are not alone. In addition to your small group, we encourage you to partner with coaches, pastors and other ministry teams at Radiant. As a leader, you need a steady stream of people pouring into you. So, who is in your corner? Who’s ministering to you?