Multiplying your Group

Multiplying your Group

Multiplying a small group is never easy. Whenever groups change, relationships change. This can be hard. But discipleship is more than a decision to follow Jesus—it’s the process of teaching others how to obey the commands of God. The heart of discipleship is about equipping and sending out more people to carry out and continue the ministry of Jesus.

Rather than viewing multiplication as something done to small groups, we see it as a vital part of fulfilling our mission. This means that everything we do in small group must point to the larger mission of our church. Therefore, Radiant Groups must begin with a mindset of multiplication.


Address It Early

From day one, the goal of small group isn’t to stay together. As a leader, it’s important to communicate that a critical part of every small group is the process of multiplication. This is something you should communicate early to help manage the expectations of your group.

Take Ownership

Multiplication is something every group should own for themselves. Multiplication is more than adding new groups to make room for new people. When a group multiplies, people step up and take on new roles. It’s about developing new leaders and engaging more people in ministry.


See the Benefits of Change

While some groups are afraid to multiply, the reality is, most groups become stronger and healthier as new members join. Multiplying is a time to reset the culture of your small group. Multiplication can breathe new life into small groups. Not only does this serve the larger mission of the church, it creates fresh environments where God can work in new ways. Plus, it is a great way to meet new people at Radiant.

Celebrate With Your Group

Multiplication doesn’t happen on its own. It takes work. When small groups multiply and create new opportunities for more people to grow as disciple-makers, it is a visible fulfillment of the Great Commission and the mission of our church. This is worth celebrating.

Make it a Group Goal

Don’t think about multiplying as splitting your group in half, because there are a lot of ways that small groups can multiply. Think about handing off ministry opportunities and raising new leaders. When you multiply, you have a front row seat to watching God work in new ways in and through your small group.