Serve with your Small Group

Serve with your Small Group

Imagine if our church disappeared. Would our neighbors and community notice? Serving is an opportunity to love our neighbors and be a blessing in the community. We don’t just attend Radiant, we want to BE RADIANT and reflect the good news of Jesus to everyone around us. 
Something special happens when small groups serve together. Serving forces everyone outside the comfortable living room and into the community. This is where we have the opportunity to live out our faith and share the love of Christ.


As a small group, share ideas together. Join skills, gifts and resources to make an impact. Imagine what would happen if your small group sponsored a block party and engaged in meaningful conversations while connecting with people in your neighborhood.


Serving bonds groups together and deepens relationships. Do you know a single mom or widow who needs home repairs? Do you live near a couple who needs help washing windows or raking leaves? Think about all of the relationships outside of your group and the people you are connected to. Who is someone that needs help? You can also partner with other small groups to tackle even bigger opportunities together. 


As a church, we have ministry partners that we want to come alongside and support in our community. These organizations have existing needs and serving opportunities. If your group is struggling for ideas, this is a great place to start as you roll up your sleeves and look for ways to serve.