Soul Care Training

These training videos provide you with the main foundational elements of Soul Care so that you may become a more faithful instrument in God’s hands. Please watch each video carefully, taking notes using the handouts provided. After you’ve watched a session, connect with another member on our Soul Care team to discuss what you’ve learned and ask questions that you may have. Repeat this process until you’ve watched and discussed all the videos, for this will increase your learning experience and help you retain what you learn.

Training Session 1: Understanding the Story

This session will show you how to gather information about someone’s life story.

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Training Session 2: Untangling the Story

In this session, you will learn how to organize someone’s life story in a way that helps you identify patterns.

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Training Session 3: Speaking Life into the Story

In this session, you will understand how to speak God’s loving truth into someone’s life based upon what you’ve learned about them.

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Training Session 4: Beyond the Now of the Story

This session teaches you how to help someone faithfully live in God’s larger story through life-changing assignments.

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Thank you for participating in this foundational Soul Care training. The next step is to begin applying what you’ve learned by watching and observing experienced soul care volunteers as they provide care to those going through a hardship. This will help ground what you’ve learned and show you how it is applied to someone’s life. Please contact the Soul Care Pastor to get you started on the next steps.